New Drug Reduces Risk from TP (Pancreatic Resection) By Half

A new drug from Novartis, Signifor, has shown to reduce the risk of complications from pancreatic resection by half.

Resection is one of the surgical options available to pancreatitis patients, as well as people battling pancreatic cancer.  The procedure is relatively risky, however — according to one of the researchers, it remains “one of the few operations where major complications, major operative morbidity, is a common event.”  One major group of complications from pancreatic resection involves pancreatic fistula, leaks, or abscess.  The risk is significant, affecting 30 to 50% of patients.

The study, which involved over 300 patients, found that the drug reduced the risk of a relatively severe complication from approximately one in five to one in ten.

The study was originally published in the New England Journal of Medicine.  You can find an article on the study in MedPage Today.